frequently asked questions


How do i order crosta?

The best way to get your Crosta fix is to order directly through our website or through third-party ordering services such as GrabFood or FoodPanda. However, not all our flavors and pizza styles are available through these third-party sites.


do you deliver?

Not yet. While we’re working on integrating our ordering platform with a third party delivery courier, you’ll have to be the one to book a courier to pick up your order. For orders of 6 or more pizzas we highly recommend booking a rider with a motor bag to keep your pizzas in. In-store self pick up or curbside pick up are also welcome.


do you have gluten free pizza?

We do serve gluten free versions of our square pizzas but these do require at least a day’s notice to order. You can message us directly on our Instagram page @crostapizzeria to place your gluten free pizza order. Cut off time is at 5pm for next day orders.


How many people does 1 pizza feed?

Our round pizzas are 11 inches in diameter and can most likely feed 1-2 people. Our square pizzas are 8 x 10” and can feed 2-3 people. If unsure order an extra pie. Having leftover pizzas is never a bad thing anyway! Our pizzas reheat very well: check out our reheating instructions, which you can also find on the side of our box.


What is the difference between detroit and sicilian pizzas?

Detroit and Sicilian pizzas are both deep pan square pizzas. The main difference between the two square styles is that the Detroit has a cheese crust wall called a frico. Another difference is that the sauce for the Detroit is ladled on top of the pizza, while for our Sicilian style we cook the sauce with the pizza.


What are your best sellers?

It’s hard to choose a favorite child. For first timers, we highly recommend trying a white base pizza, a red base pizza and a square. You should also upgrade one of your round pizzas to our signature spinach and artichoke dip (yes, that’s unique to us only!). A popular combination could look something like this: shroomed out, pork you upgraded to stuffed crust and Detroit Super Duper Supreme. This way you get to try all our pizza styles!