Our Pizzas


The dough is where all the magic happens; our dough has been a 7 year journey and it is still evolving. Our pizza style could be best summarised as focusing on universally delicious pizza, made the way we like it – a dough that’s crunchy, airy, light and flavourful.


We pick and choose the best ingredients from around the world and strive to make fun and interesting pizzas that everyone loves. We are a small pizza studio that believes great pizza should be for all and we hope you love it too!


❤️ Crosta

our round pizzas

The Original Gangsta – our sourdough-style round pizzas are for lovers of puffy, crunchy crusts. We have a large range of flavours – traditional and untraditional alike. Looking for a Margherita, a vegan, or a pizza stuffed with spinach and artichoke dip? We got your back! 

our detroit pizzas

Known for its crunchy cheese crust wall (aka ‘frico’), Detroit style pizzas are the perfect pan pizzas for those who want to bite-in crust-first (we know who you are). This rich-flavoured pizza is baked in blue steel pans that were originally used to carry automotive parts – creating a unique crust, a crunchy bottom with an airy middle, that is an absolute joy to eat. 

our sicilian pizzas

A badass pizza the Godfather would love; the Sicilian is another square pan pizza and the crunchiest in our lineup. Cooked in a different type of pan and unlike the Detroit style, it does not have a cheese crust wall ‘frico’. The result is a thick pillowy dough, that has a super-crispy, blistering crust and a crunchy base. If you love crunch you will love our Sicilian pizzas!

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